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Shortly after a brand-new wave of Higher Education has, for the first time, swept across the mainland of today’s Manipur in the early post independence era, the same became irresistible in the minds of a handful of big- hearted souls of this historic land. It was but their relentlessly selfless effort and sacrifice through the generosity of general people of Bishnupur and its surrounding villages who made great contributions in varied forms that has really made a nearly next to impossible mission accomplished. With the adoption of a historic resolution in a public meeting held on 13th May, 1965 the "Public College" came into being in an embryonic form. On top of the donor’s list lies an icon of a financially much disciplined man, Shri Chanambam Ibomcha Singh without whose charity the college would have never seen the light of the day. It was after this benefactor that the Public College was rechristened "Chanambam Ibomcha College" in 1971.